8:30am-10:00am Seminars

Starting a Business
Ideas, options, and how to get started. Improve your chances of success with good planning and preparation. Learn about the most important aspects of establishing and managing a small business.
Instructor: Bob Dorse, Dorse and Company, Inc.
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Build & Market Your Service Business – Sell the Intangible
You know your services are valuable, but how do you convince everyone else? Learn how to put a price on what your service is worth (by the hour or on a project basis) and identify your potential customers.
Instructor: Domonique Juleon, Veterans’ Business Outreach Center
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Keys to Creating a Business Boosting Website
Your website must be an integral part of your business. Uncover the secrets that are guaranteed to make your website a powerful business-building tool. Learn valuable ways to increase your profits online.
Instructor: Jim Rosemary, New Tech Web, Inc.
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Marketing Tips & Advice
Marketing is THE critical factor to your business success. Discover powerful, cost-effective techniques to build your business.
Instructor: Debbie Page, www.DebbiePage.com
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Sell to the Government
Discover how to use small business certifications and set asides to get your share of their business along with free resources for government procurement.
Instructors: Ana Singh, Business Development Program at the SBA
Kate Hoy, PTAC Government Contracting Specialist
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Where to Turn for Financial Services and Advisors
Taxes, bookkeeping, payroll, financial analysis … How do you know which financial services your business needs? Learn how to determine what financial services your business may need and how to find them.
Instructor: Martha Chamberlin, Renton Technical College
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Taxes and the Small Business Owner
Find out what every small business needs to know about filing and paying federal taxes, and how to avoid the most common tax reporting errors. Even if you use a tax preparer, this is good information to know!
Instructor: Rizwan Chaudhry, NW Accountants, Inc.
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