10:30am-12:00pm Seminars

Starting a Business
What does it really take to start a business? Learn about the technical requirements, personal considerations & tips for lasting success.
Instructor: Traci Hansen, Washington Center for Women in Business

Business Law Essentials
Learn how to select a legal structure, find the right lawyer, and meet other challenges you may encounter when starting or running a business.
Instructor: Stacey Romberg, www.StaceyRomberg.com

Beyond Google: Free Market Research at Your Library
Find out how to easily navigate various databases available through your local library to help you make informed decisions in your business planning, marketing, site location and market analysis.
Instructors: Jay Lyman, Seattle Public Library & Glenn Storbeck, Pierce County Library

Financing & Crowdfunding
Financing alternatives are out there, but what is the best option for your small business? This session explores the benefits of the various options from the SBA loan programs to alternative lenders and crowdfunding.
Instructors: Mark Costello & Linda Laws, SBA;  Domonique Juleon, Veterans’ Business Outreach Center

Package & Promote Your Service Business
Selling services is not like selling widgets. Learn how to package your service into more attractive offerings that are easier to sell.
Instructor: Julianna Duso, Washington Women’s Business Center

Keys to Creating a Business Boosting Website
Your website must be an integral part of your business. Uncover the secrets that are guaranteed to make your website a powerful business-building tool. Learn valuable ways to increase your profits online.
Instructor: Jim Rosemary, New Tech Web, Inc.

How Washington State Can Help Your Business
Meet a dynamic Washington State Small Business Liaison Team. Their representatives from major state agencies will answer questions and listen to your input during this interactive panel session. Get acquainted with them and make them your friend from this point forward!
Instructors:  Washington State Small Business Liaison Team, including Rose Gundersen, Patrick Reed and more.