Lars Wulff

This year’s keynote speaker is Lars Wulff, the co-founder of Mud Bay pet stores. He founded the company with his sibling Marissa Wulff in 1988 in Olympia, Washington.

A lot has changed in the years since Elsa Wulff bought a tiny farm store on Mud Bay Road in 1988.

They’ve evolved from selling pig feed and alfalfa hay to providing healthy foods and well-made supplies for dogs and cats. They’ve expanded their selection of natural dog and cat foods and become better at helping owners choose the ones that make sense for their animals.

As they’ve become more able to contribute to the health of dogs and cats, they’ve opened stores in other neighborhoods. Along the way, Mud Bay has become the largest retailer in the Pacific Northwest focused on healthy, natural foods for dogs and cats. Mud Bay was named Pet Business retailer of the year, 2015.

His presentation at Biz Fair will focus on Blue Ocean Strategy and the development of Mud Bay’s business model, a very relevant topic for aspiring and growing entrepreneurs.