Washington State Department of Transportation


The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) is responsible for 18,600 state highway lane-miles, more than 3,600 bridge structures, including the four longest floating bridges in the United States, 47 safety rest areas, 23 ferry vessels that comprise the largest vehicle-ferry system in the world, and 20 ferry terminals that serve more than 23 million ferry passengers annually. WSDOT is committed to promoting business development by purchasing goods and services in a manner that maximizes competition, builds opportunities for disadvantaged businesses, creates family-wage jobs, and supports a green economy. WSDOT is divided into six regions, Headquarters, and Ferries. Many commodities are purchased using master state contracts negotiated and administered by the Department of Enterprise Services (DES), otherwise goods and services are purchased within each region for their use.

WSDOT is committed to increasing opportunities available to small business owners. Check out the resources on the Opportunities for Small Businesses page to find contracting and purchasing opportunities with WSDOT and other state agencies.

Contact Information:

Address: PO Box 47415, Olympia, WA 98504-7415
Email: hqpurchasing@wsdot.wa.gov

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