Export-Import Bank of the United States


Export-Import Bank of the United State (EXIM Bank) is the Official Export Credit Agency (ECA) of the United States Government. EXIM Bank’s Mission is to support the sales of U.S.-made goods and services to create and maintain American jobs

Some of EXIM Bank’s products include:

Risk Protection

International sales are challenging enough without the added risk of not receiving payment for your goods or services. EXIM Bank’s export credit insurance policy products provides payment coverage for both commercial and political risks. Moreover, your business can count on EXIM Bank to protect your export sales to a single buyer or multiple buyers.

Extend Credit to Buyers

EXIM Bank’s export credit insurance policy products enable your company to offer competitive “open account” terms instead of requiring your foreign buyers to pay cash-in-advance, use credit cards, or secure letters of credit. Furthermore, your insured foreign receivables may be assigned to a commercial lender, thereby increasing your company’s borrowing base and accelerating its cash flow.

Working Capital

An EXIM Bank guaranteed credit line may provide the vital funds you need to fulfill new orders. These funds may be used to purchase finished products, raw materials, and supplies as well as cover labor and overhead costs. This guaranteed credit line may even cover standby letters of credit used as performance bonds or bid bonds.

Term Financing

EXIM Bank can provide your Foreign Buyers with term financing at competitive interest rates and longer repayment terms. Foreign Buyers can use these funds to buy U.S.-made capital goods and services, helping your business go global.

Contact Information

Address: 2001 6th Avenue, Suite 2600, Seattle, WA 98121
Phone: 206-728-2264
E-mail: john.brislin@exim.gov

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